To wish everyone a contented new year

May we all learn to be more contented with what we already have instead of always looking for the next thing, the next thrill, the next step…..I do not of course refer to the 60% of the  world population (mas o menos) still disgracefully living on between $1 and $2 per day. And one of the many lessons I have learnt from living in Nicaragua is that life here – and I mean the essentials of life ie water and food, maybe if we are lucky electricity too – are NOT cheap, quite the contrary. That 60% I think still has the right to be more demanding of the rest of the world.

So my and Guillermina’s Xmas at the Mariposa was fairly low key – a few pressies for G. and she spent the day doing what she likes best, swimming in the Laguna de Apoyo. I stayed home as we only had one guy on duty so I did guard duty for the day. Got lots of work done and listened to rock and roll very loud, sometthing I feel constrained to do when there are students here!

The highlight was my birthday party on the 24th.

All at the mariposa under the birthday arch

A lot of alcohol got consumed, by whom I am not completely certain! Suffice to say it to say that Daniel (seated, red shirt) did not turn up to work the following day. He has, however, come in very contrite today bringing me a cockerel as a ‘sorry’ present – the only problem is we already have more macho chickens here than we can handle. But the thought was there! And dancing, one of the many things I love so much about living here is that no matter how difficult things are, put on some music and everybody starts to move. No problem getting guys to bop about here, doesn’t matter how old or overweight you are – just get up and shake it all around!!! I occasionally insist on some 50’s rock and roll and then I can really show my stuff too!! Doesn’t even matter that it was only the middle of the afternoon, the Mariposa terrace just came alive with music, laughter (we played musical chairs, also hilarious) and general mayhem. maybe being 59 isn’t so bad after all….

Birthday hug for Mum

Hope you all had an equally good time and, once again, happy new year.


2 thoughts on “To wish everyone a contented new year

  1. Hola Paulette me da mucho gusto que tu proyectode Hotel Escuela de Español este funcionando con mucho éxisto.

    De todo corazon te queremos Mucho a Ti y a Guillermina,

    Tu Familia Simpre de Managua

    Tere y Familia


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