More wildlife!

Meet Toto.....

who is the latest (and I swear the last) addition to the Mariposa doggie family. He has his mother Holly´s soulful look and it is just impossible to even contemplate giving him away! he is turning out though to be a total bundle of mischief, already responsible for running off with Lisa´s camera, the camera case, Jessica´s sandle, my T shirt and, most bizarrely, a bunch of keys. We know he is the culprit because the keys and the camera case (htough not sadly the camera itself) turned up in Toto´s sleeping hole! So be warned any future students reading this…..

A couple of old favourites, Condor above and below Foxy. Both still going strong though showing some signs of aging – Foxy is missing several teeth for example. But I think they are both very happy not to be living on the streets anymore.

And finally Guillermina having a good time at La Boquita!!


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