A video to capture the memories

Fond memories last a lifetime so we put them in that special place in our mind where we can access them to soothe the troubled soul from time to time.   These memories are also at risk when we return to their origin should the place and circumstances have been so altered that they jeopardize those saved memories.  Not so with Paulette, the school, and Nicaragua.  The memories burn brighter, fonder and are now embellished with new sights, sounds and vistas.

The organic finca ….the latest addition is a pleasure to behold as well as another “remarkable” endeavor facilitated by Paulette and her unique abilities to persevere at even more beneficial projects.  I have put together a short video to recap my return visit and hope that the sights and sounds will rekindle fond memories for all of you who have had the pleasure of being one of Paulette’s guests.

Rick In Florida


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