Lucy´s Progress cont.

These photos will only make sense if you have read the last blog (see below) “A Tribute to the work of Bergman and Franklin”

Lucy and Junior out on the range


Lucy and Junior. You can just see Lucy lifting her injured leg. But it is amazing to see how well she is functioning!

You can see how thin Lucy is in this photo – combination of trauma, loss of blood, feeding Junior again. We are feeding her lots of vitamins to aid recovery. In this pic, Noel and Franklin are changing her leg covering – the hoof (just like a damaged toenail) has now fallen off and so she is left with a useless lump of flesh hanging at the end of her leg. Bergman decided it is much too risky to amputate so we just have to treat the wound every day. And I am doing my bit to help – cheering Lucy up with her favourite horse-candy, baby sweetcorn, whilst the guys work on the leg.

Just a nice pic of Franklin and Lucy


The next photo is to prove I really can ride (though I am still too nervous to gallop) even though I hit 60 this year! Alex (who took most of these photos) is one of the interns working at the Mariposa with me, developing the project work and volunteer side of things. Riding out over the land we rent for grazing feels something out out of a bad but scenic Western! We are on naturally open grassland, on the side of the Masaya volcano. Nothing else grows here mainly because of the volcanic smoke passing immediately overhead, the same smoke which has such as adverse impact on the children of the barrio of Panama. Which is where we do a lot of our project/volunteer work.

Me and Alex on Pepper and Capuchino


Lucy hobbling off to graze


2 thoughts on “Lucy´s Progress cont.

  1. I was amazed to see these photographs! And thank you for your earlier post recognising the hard work of Franklin, Bergman and all the others who helped out. I was so impressed with their ingenuity and determination. Se lo agradezco, and I’m sure Lucy is too!


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